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Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project Extended Through June 30, 2015

Senior Director

The Colorado Supreme Court has extended the Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project (CAPP) for another six months, through June 30, 2015. The pilot project, which was originally schedule to run through December 31, 2013, had already been extended for an additional year to provide the court with more data and a detailed evaluation of the pilot. In the recently amended Chief Justice Directive 11-02, Chief Justice Nancy E. Rice notes that this further extension will “eliminate confusion, give the court time to determine whether the rules as piloted achieved the stated goals, and consider what, if any, changes to the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure should be proposed or adopted prior to the end of the original pilot project.”

In April 2014, IAALS released Preliminary Findings on the project, revealing that CAPP as a whole has succeeded in achieving many of its intended effects, while certain aspects of the rules have presented challenges that ought to be considered in any future rulemaking process. The evaluation is now complete, and IAALS will be releasing a final report on the pilot project in the coming weeks.