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Deadline for Grants to Improve Legal Education Is January 31

Senior Director

Those of you who attended our conference last fall probably had a chance to talk with Elise Miller, Vice President of Research Programs at Access Group, who has been developing Access Group's new grant-making program that will support projects and research that aim to address the challenges facing legal education today. The deadline is January 31 for schools interested in applying for a grant through the unsolicited grants program. Information is available here.

From the information page:

To be considered for funding, a proposal must seek to:

  1. improve directly, or
  2. in the case of research-oriented proposals, develop data, facts or conclusions that further the understanding of
    1. access to legal education, with an emphasis on enhanced access by historically underrepresented racial minorities and lower socio-economic classes;
    2. the affordability of legal education; or
    3. the value of legal education.