University of Denver

Divorce Corp: The Film, the Issues, and Our Work Toward Solutions

Director of Special Projects

Documentary film Divorce Corp opens in cities across the country today, drawing critical attention to family courts and those involved in the system, such as attorneys, judges, and custody evaluators. Directed by first-time filmmaker Joseph Sorge and narrated by Dr. Drew Pinsky, the movie highlights the perception that the family court system is complex, time-consuming, and not easily accessible to litigants without an attorney.

The IAALS Honoring Families Initiative recognizes that cost, complexity, and access are issues in the family court system, and our research and work in this area is focused on identifying solutions in the process that mitigate conflict, promote constructive communication, and prioritize family needs during divorce and separation. Divorce Corp also highlights the negative impact that judicial election campaigning and fundraising can have on public trust and confidence in the justice system—a topic that IAALS has explored in great detail over the years through its Quality Judges Initiative.

Former Colorado Court of Appeals Chief Judge and IAALS Senior Advisor Janice Davidson will be participating on a panel discussion following the January 12th 7:50 p.m. screening at Denver's AMC Cherry Creek 8 theater. The screening and event are open to the public and we encourage everyone interested in what IAALS is doing to address these issues to attend and interact with Honoring Families Initiative staff.