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ETL Fellow Roberto Corrada Named One of the “Best Law Teachers” in the Country

IAALS Intern

According to a new book entitled “What the Best Law Teachers Do,” ETL Fellow and Professor Roberto Corrada of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law (an ETL Consortium school) is among the ranks of the twenty-six best legal educators in the United States. The book was compiled by Professor Gerry Hess of Gonzaga University School of Law, Professor Sophie Sparrow of the University of New Hampshire School of Law (an ETL Consortium school), and Michael Hunter Schwartz, ETL Fellow and dean and professor at the UALR William H. Bowen School of Law. Each chapter of the book focuses on a how these professors achieve significant, positive, and long-term effects on their students, such as: how they relate to students, their methods of preparation, their teaching techniques, their delivery of feedback, and personal qualities that enhance their teaching. The professors come from law schools around the country and from across the full spectrum of rankings from U.S. News. According to the authors, the rising cost of tuition and the increasingly competitive job market make receiving a quality legal education incredibly important today, and “What the Best Law Teachers Do” draws attention to some of the positive practices currently used in law school classrooms.

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