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Justice McGregor Highlights Iowa's Highly Regarded Judicial System

IAALS Intern

Addressing efforts to oust Justice David Wiggins from his seat on Iowa's high court because of an unpopular decision, the O'Connor Advisory Committee Chair, Justice Ruth V. McGregor, has written an op-ed about how special interest groups are "asking Iowa's voters to disregard the fundamental principles of a state justice system that has served Iowa well." Justice McGregor notes that Iowa's highly regarded merit selection system has successfully ensured the appointment of fair and impartial judges and, until recently, has also managed to protect the judiciary from undue influence of partisan politics and special interests. Justice McGregor urges Iowans to reject attempts to politicize the state judiciary so that citizens can guarantee that a "judge's decisions will depend upon the law and not reflect the views of any political constituency or special interest group."