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New Impetus for Reform

Former Senior Director

This week The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel shared its interview with the President of Lawyers for Civil Justice, Wayne B. Mason, who spoke to the need for broad-based rule reform “to help achieve the consistency, uniformity, and predictability that is necessary to reduce the costs and burdens of modern litigation.”   As Mason noted:

Failing to adjust the Federal Rules to meet the demands of 21st century litigation will have significant, negative implications today and for our future.  Inefficient and unpredictable litigation is a tax on productive behavior and an inefficient system can have significant adverse impacts, including sanctioning appropriate behavior and providing incentives for inappropriate behavior.  These perverse effects weaken our economy and social structure, and the global competitiveness of American companies.

Mason also commented on the “landmark” congressional hearings on the costs and burdens of civil discovery, which included testimony by Rebecca Love Kourlis.  The full text of her statement is available here.