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Paul Lippe: How would you shape the law school experience for the next generation?

Former Senior Director

Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Advisory Committee member Paul Lippe is speaking to the “Deans Workshop for ABA Approved Schools” on February 15. In a post at The New Normal, he asked “How would you shape the law school experience for the next generation?” He has 44 responses and counting, including:

“The number of students entering law school with a few years of work experience under their belt after undergrad is decreasing. For this reason, I think exposure to the various areas of law in a hands on and practical way will help students learn what it is to be a lawyer and practice law early, and see that there are more than the stereotypical ways to practice law” (excerpt from Jeanmarie Harrington Bisceglia)

“I’ve been an attorney for five years now. One of the issue that I have seen is that people enter law school for the wrong reasons. We need to bring back an interview process and look for people entering the profession to serve the public, whether it be in trial or transactional work, and that starts with bring back the interview process and giving law students a hard look at reality” (excerpt from J.R.)

“Perhaps law school should more resemble the medical education program. Structure the academic portion as a two year program which would include summer classes. Then after two years the graduates go into the field and perform in paid residency type programs similar to doctors. The programs would actually teach the “residents” the actual and practical practice of law.” (excerpt from Newbie Lawyer)

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