Rebecca Love Kourlis on Divorce Source Radio

April 2, 2014

IAALS Executive Director Rebecca Love Kourlis was interviewed recently on Divorce Source Radio, a resource for individuals and families going through divorce. The show's hosts, Deborah Moskovitch and Steve Peck, explore the challenges that family court litigants face, including the difficulties of proceeding without representation and the feelings of disempowerment that can stem from the adversarial process.

The IAALS Honoring Families Initiative is working to address these challenges. Through the out-of-court alternative recently established at the University of Denver and current work being undertaken on the in-court process, Kourlis explains how IAALS is trying to ensure a more dignified, fair, and affordable process of divorce and separation. According to Kourlis, the challenge for IAALS and others is to explore how we can “create a system that would nurture people through it to the extent possible and nurture the children through it to the extent possible, while still achieving the separation of legal rights and responsibilities that are associated with divorce.”

Click here to listen to the full radio interview.

Roman Valencia assisted in the drafting of this article. Valencia is a graduate student at the University of Denver and works as an intern for IAALS.