University of Denver

Ten Years of IAALS: Our 2015 Annual Report

Founding Executive Director

IAALS is celebrating our 10th Anniversary, which means our 2015 Annual Report marks a milestone in our history. This report takes a look back at our past decade of accomplishments as well as gazes forward into the future. Hard copies also include a special, pull-out timeline—a tour de force that showcases how far we’ve come in advancing excellence in the American legal system.

We are acutely aware that every aspect, every step forward in our success, is a direct product of our partnerships, our investors, and our fellow travelers. Nothing within the legal system can change without significant support.

Perhaps our proudest accomplishment is our capacity to bring together diverse stakeholders, provide them with support and research, and then help them to arrive at consensus positions. We seek to be an honest broker within this polarized environment—a safe place for conversation—and a catalyst for creativity and action.

As you read through our new Annual Report, please know that we are congratulating you, our friends, every bit as much as we are celebrating our own hard work. Thank you.

Click here to read and download the 2015 Annual Report.