University of Denver

Transforming Legal Education in Six Minutes, Twenty Slides

Former Senior Director

This year, we tried something new at the Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers Conference. During the reception, we opened the floor to four [six-minute, 20-slide] presentations by participants who wanted to share an idea with our audience of legal educators, practitioners, and judges. It was, by all counts, a resounding success and we plan to expand it next year. Until then, we wanted to share the presentations with anyone who couldn't be at the conference. They were a conference highlight and certainly worth six minutes.

1. Wes Porter: Find Your VOICe Project

Golden Gate Univerity School of Law is looking at ways to tap into the tech industry to improve legal education. Here, Wes talks about a collaboration with

2. Jay Finkelstein: Getting the Practitioner into the Classroom

Jay is a DLA Piper partner and an adjunct on four law school faculties. Here, he suggests that if law schools are going to teach practical skills, they need to involve practitioners in legal education.

3. Anahid Gharakhanian and Patty Powell: Mindfulness in Legal Education

Mindfulness is trending across industries. Anahid and Patty walk us through what mindfulness means and what role it is starting to play in legal education.

4. Sarah Glassmeyer: Open Law & Law School Innovations

Sarah explains that the data underlying legal information is currently locked away, which keeps information out of the hands of people who need it. It also impedes innovation in legal education. Here, she offers a solution.