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Valuable Collaboration on Display Within IAALS' Business Leadership Network

Former Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships
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IAALS works extensively with partners from around the country as we take on the toughest problems in the legal system. Our Business Leadership Network brings together private sector advisors to find solutions to the challenges we face.

Earlier this year, IAALS Executive Director Rebecca Love Kourlis and Brittany Schultz, in-house counsel for Ford Motor Company and member of IAALS’ Business Leadership Network, sat down with Metropolitan Corporate Counsel to discuss the recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).

In the interview, Kourlis and Schultz discussed the impact of the new rules and how organizations like IAALS are helping judges and lawyers across the country put them in practice effectively and efficiently. “There are many fantastic webinars, seminars, and road shows that talk about these new federal rules” Shultz said, and “IAALS is putting out fantastic materials.” For a large company like Ford, such materials are invaluable resources in the race to stay current. As Kourlis noted:

“We at IAALS see ourselves as a clearinghouse for information, as well as a catalyst and a facilitator. Our website has an enormous amount of material about what’s happening around the country, at both the state and federal levels. … We like to think of ourselves as having a significant role in bringing people together, facilitating outcomes, motivating people toward change, and constantly reminding them of why these changes are so important, why it has to happen for the benefit of litigants and the benefit of the system.”

IAALS is honored to work with companies like Ford and other valued members of its Business Leadership Network. Our partners include a balanced and diverse group of experts representing all perspectives. Member groups provide critical insight from the front lines of their legal world, which helps IAALS shape its broad-consensus recommendations.

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