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Webinar on Essential Rules and Procedures for Civil Justice Reform

Senior Director

This week IAALS is cohosting the first in a series of webinars with the National Center for State Courts focused on providing practical information and guidance on implementing civil justice reform. The webinars are part of our three-year Civil Justice Initiative implementation project focused on providing support for on-the-ground reform through education, expert assistance, regional action planning summits, demonstration projects, and a variety of tools.


November 8, 2018
1:00pm EST
Civil Justice Reform: Essential Pathway Rules and Procedures

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This first webinar, titled “Civil Justice Reform: Essential Pathway Rules and Procedures,” will highlight the mandatory pathway assignments recommended by the Conference of Chief Justices' (CCJ) Civil Justice Improvements Committee and the corresponding rules and procedures that make such an approach a success. The premise behind the pathway approach is that different types of cases need different levels of case management and different rules-driven processes. The webinar will highlight key differences across pathways in terms of case management and the corresponding tailored approach to rules and procedures. From key deadlines to mandatory initial disclosures and proportional discovery, the webinar will provide guidance on how to right-size the rules and processes to better match resources with the needs of the case.

The presenter, Judge Jerome Abrams, was a member of the Civil Justice Improvements Committee and chair of the Rules/Litigation Subcommittee that developed the pathway and rule recommendations. He has also been instrumental in implementing civil justice reforms in his own state of Minnesota. We encourage bench and bar leaders from around the country to register and learn more about the essential rules and procedures that need to be put in place to turn the CJI Committee’s recommendations into a reality.