University of Denver

CCJ/COSCA Southern Civil Justice Summit

In July 2016, the Conference of Chief Justices (CCJ) and the Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA) recognized the important needs of litigants in our state courts and responded by adopting a set of 13 Recommendations focused on ensuring our courts are affordable, efficient, and fair for all. With the support of the State Justice Institute, NCSC and IAALS are now collaborating on a three-year project to support implementation of the Recommendations around the country. Through the Civil Justice Initiative (CJI) Implementation Plan, and under the direction of the CJI Steering Committee, NCSC and IAALS are providing education, technical assistance, and practical tools to help state courts implement the Recommendations nationwide.

One of the key aspects of the Implementation Plan is a series of strategic planning workshops for the CCJ and COSCA regional committees to share information about the impact of civil justice reforms and effective implementation strategies. The purpose of the Summit is to encourage each state to learn about civil justice reform efforts nationwide, and to provide each state with an opportunity to develop an action plan for reform or other activities in their respective jurisdictions.

In May, the Southern Region Summit was held in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Summit consisted of a dynamic mixture of plenary sessions, workshops, and state team planning sessions. Six-member teams from the states in both regions attended.