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Andrew Schepard

Hofstra Recognizes Andrew Schepard's Role in Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers

Alli Gerkman
Professor Andrew Schepard was among our first ETL Fellows. Here , his school recognizes the honor. He teaches Family Law with Skills with, a course he co-created with Professor J. Herbie DiFonzo. It is based on the Carnegie Model and incorporates the traditional content of a family law course with court observation...

ETL Now Recognizes Fellows for Their Contributions to Legal Education

Marnee Baker
We are pleased to announce that professors whose courses are featured on the ETL website will be named Fellows of Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers in order to honor their roles in advancing legal education. At present, the Fellows of ETL are: Gillian K. Hadfield , University of Southern California Gould School of Law, for...

Student Perspective: Teaching the Importance and Skill of Client Counseling

Allison Small
Allison Small is a third year law student at Hofstra Law who took Family Law with Skills as a second year law student. She is now a teaching assistant for the course. Her professional field of interest is child and family studies. One of the most fundamental skills an attorney can learn (and learn as early as possible...

The Carnegie Report Supports a Network of Legal Education Reformers

Alli Gerkman
Educating Lawyers , often referred to in legal circles as the “Carnegie Report,” has found its way into a number of articles and blog posts lately. Just Monday, it was cited by Professor Benjamin Spencer of Washington and Lee School of Law in his Washington Post guest post urging that we reform legal education, rather...

Family Law Course Blends Legal Doctrine with Field Observation and Simulation

Alli Gerkman
Four years ago, Professor Andrew Schepard and his colleagues at Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University developed a family law class that would strike a balance between doctrine and skills development. This week, we added it to our growing collection of innovative law school courses . In a recent...