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U.S. Supreme Court to Revisit First Amendment Rights of Judicial Candidates

Malia Reddick
The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to settle a conflict in lower federal and state courts regarding whether judicial candidates may personally solicit campaign contributions. The nation's highest court has not addressed the First Amendment rights of judicial candidates since 2002. Every state supreme court to address...

#KnowYourJudge: States Around the Country Offer Information About Judges on November Ballot

Malia Reddick
Public opinion polls consistently show that voters know very little about judges and judicial candidates on the ballot and wish they had more information. Around the country, judicial branch entities, state bar associations, and other groups are working to change that. In the November judicial elections, voters in...

Attention in Tennessee—and Around the Country—Turns to Court-Related Ballot Measures

Malia Reddick
On August 7, three Tennessee Supreme Court justices withstood a well-funded challenge to their retention on the bench for subsequent terms. Tennesseans are now looking ahead to November 4, when voters will decide whether to adopt a modified federal selection process for the state's appellate judges. Voters in four...

Selection Reform Proposals Trend toward Enhancing Gubernatorial Authority

Malia Reddick
There are several anticipated efforts in 2014 to alter processes for selecting state court judges, particularly in states with commission-based gubernatorial appointment of appellate judges. In Kansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, as in Arizona and Florida in recent years, legislative proposals are aimed at directly or...

Governor Scott Actively Exercises Prerogative to Shape Florida's Nominating Commissions

Malia Reddick
Florida has a commission-based judicial appointment process wherein the governor appoints all members of the nominating commissions, with some of the governor's appointees come from candidate lists submitted by the Florida Bar. According to a new report, Governor Rick Scott often rejects the bar lists and requests...