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Varying Approaches to Transparency in Appointing State and Federal Judges

Malia Reddick
Last week, controversy arose in Kansas over Governor Brownback's announcement that he would not release the names of applicants for a court of appeals vacancy. The governor initially rejected a petition requesting that applicants' names be released, but he may be reconsidering that decision. Meanwhile, screening...

Bill Would Expand Florida Governor's Authority over Judicial Nominating Commission

Malia Reddick
As it did in 2012, Florida’s house of representatives has proposed giving the governor greater authority over the membership of the state’s judicial nominating commissions. Of the nine members, four are appointed from recommendations by the state bar. The proposed measure stipulates that the other five members would...

Post-Election Selection Snapshots: An Overview of the 2012 Campaigns and Elections that Affected Courts and Judges

Malia Reddick
This special edition of Selection Snapshots provides an overview of the challenges to judicial retention, court-related ballot measures, supreme court elections, public financing of judicial campaigns, and judicial campaign oversight committees.