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Judicial Discipline

Louisiana Judicial Discipline Rules Now Provide Transparency on Judge Misconduct

Brooke Meyer
Maddie Hosack
In mid-April, the Louisiana Supreme Court announced changes to its rules to increase public access to judicial discipline proceedings. With these changes, Louisiana joins the growing tide of states that are embracing transparency—a key component of IAALS’ recommendations for judicial discipline systems.

Investigation of California Commission on Judicial Performance Both Hits and Misses the Mark

Russell Wheeler
In April 2019, the California State Auditor filed her report on an investigation into the Commission on Judicial Performance, the state's judicial conduct body. There is growing interest nationally in judicial misconduct and the entities in each state (and federally) that investigate complaints, and in 2018, IAALS...

Not Above the Law: IAALS Provides New Recommendations for Judicial Discipline

Rebecca Love Kourlis
Zachary Willis
Public trust and confidence in our judiciary, and our judges, is vital. Yet, over the last several decades, that trust has been eroded. For people to trust judges again, we must ensure a series of pillars are in place: improved ways of selecting judges; improved ways of evaluating judges’ performance; and improved...