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Rebuilding Justice

All Gas, No Brakes: New Model of Judicial Leadership is Bringing Justice Back Within Reach of the People

Zachariah DeMeola
The future of our justice system will depend on a new model for leadership among the judiciary, including proactive engagement of the issues, multidisciplinary approach to solutions, innovative and creative thinking, data-informed policy making, and the courage and vision to get ahead of problems and explore new...

IAALS Honors El Pomar Foundation for Supporting Stakeholder Convenings

Zachary Willis
During a recent gala in Denver, IAALS presented El Pomar Foundation, William J. Hybl, and Kyle H. Hybl with our highest honor, the Rebuilding Justice Award. El Pomar Foundation and the Hybls were recognized for their generous support of our DIAALOGUES series of convenings, which have helped expand our impact and the...

Book Review: Rebuilding Justice: Civil Courts in Jeopardy and Why You Should Care

Alli Gerkman
Amanda Gonzalez, Executive Director of Ms. JD, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the success of women in law school and the legal profession, has posted a review of Rebuilding Justice : The book is part civics lesson, part law school intro, and part call to arms if IAALS’ mission. The authors...

IAALS Publishes “Rebuilding Justice: Civil Courts in Jeopardy and Why You Should Care”

Alli Gerkman
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel recently highlighted Rebuilding Justice : As the joint product of two authors, Rebuilding Justice aims to provide a balanced perspective on the courts by integrating experiences from both inside and outside the system. A provocative and important portrait of the American judicial...