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Selection Snapshots

Column Offers an Inside Look at Party "Slating" of Judicial Candidates

Malia Reddick
A recent piece in the Chicago Sun-Times sheds light on the process for selecting judges in Cook County, Illinois. Earlier this month, the Cook County Democratic Party's Judicial Selection Committee met to "slate" candidates, a process through which candidates meet with the committee to discuss their qualifications in...

North Carolina Legislature Ends Public Financing for Appellate Judicial Races

Malia Reddick
The North Carolina legislature sent to Governor McCrory for approval a bill that would revamp the state's elections, including eliminating public financing for appellate judicial elections. Created in 2002 by the Judicial Campaign Reform Act, the so-called "Voter-Owned Elections" program allowed candidates with...

Special Legislative Session in Oklahoma in the Wake of Lawsuit Reform Ruling (Updated)

Malia Reddick
Recently, speculation has surfaced about whether judicial selection and tenure will be addressed at a special legislative session in Oklahoma, called by Governor Fallin. Although a Republican legislator wrote a letter warning judges around the state of rumors that there would be efforts to impose term limits and to...

Diverse Coalition Works to Preserve Judicial Quality and Public Trust in Minnesota

Malia Reddick
In Minnesota, a broad-based group known as the Coalition for Impartial Justice, which includes more than 30 business, labor, religious, citizen, and legal groups, is working to implement the 2007 recommendations of the Quie Commission. The commission was unanimous in calling for the adoption of a "merit selection"...

Varying Approaches to Transparency in Appointing State and Federal Judges

Malia Reddick
Last week, controversy arose in Kansas over Governor Brownback's announcement that he would not release the names of applicants for a court of appeals vacancy. The governor initially rejected a petition requesting that applicants' names be released, but he may be reconsidering that decision. Meanwhile, screening...