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Selection Snapshots

Wisconsin Bar Committee Proposes Single, Nonrenewable Term for Justices

Malia Reddick
Following an 18-month study, a Wisconsin state bar task force proposed that supreme court justices serve a single 16-year term. Justices currently serve 10-year terms and may stand for reelection. Though term limits would not stem the tide of candidate and special interest spending in the state's judicial elections,...

Minnesota Judge Joins Ohio Chief Justice in Calling for Selection Reform

Malia Reddick
Judge Kevin Burke, a Minnesota trial judge and member of the IAALS Board of Advisors, seconded Ohio Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor's call for selection reform in her state. According to Judge Burke, selection reform in Ohio is needed for three reasons: judicial elections may negatively impact public perceptions of...

In Pennsylvania, Governor Nominates a New Justice while Another Sitting Justice Faces a Criminal Investigation

Malia Reddick
Governor Tom Corbett nominated superior court judge Correale F. Stevens to fill the supreme court vacancy created by former justice Joan Orie Melvin's resignation following her criminal conviction. At the same time, a sitting supreme court justice is now the subject of an FBI investigation. The investigation is...