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IAALS Offers Training and Solutions to Challenges of E-Discovery (Press Release)

Former Senior Director

Denver, Colo. – IAALS, the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System at the University of Denver, is proud to announce the release of an updated edition of Navigating the Hazards of E-Discovery: A Manual for Judges in State Courts Across the Nation. This manual is a resource for judges and practitioners alike, providing a foundation for terminology, relevant case law, and other practical information about electronically stored information (ESI).

Rebecca Love Kourlis is the Executive Director of IAALS and a former Colorado Supreme Court justice.

“Discovery of electronically stored information was once just a big-case phenomenon but that is no longer true,” Kourlis says. “These days, it's nearly an every-case phenomenon as state courts increasingly are handling litigation accompanied by potentially millions of electronic documents – emails, spreadsheets, texts, tweets and even voice mail.”

IAALS published the first edition of Navigating the Hazards of E-Discovery in 2007 at a time when 70-90 percent of company information was stored electronically. In the time since that publication, the numbers have increased such that now 99.9 percent of all civil cases involve ESI.

IAALS continues to champion innovative approaches to addressing the challenges of e-discovery.

In addition to the new publication, on June 22, 2012, IAALS co-sponsored with DISH Network a “Best in Class” E-Discovery Summit for practitioners. Nationally recognized experts discussed ESI and the realities of applying cooperation, transparency and proportionality in litigation. The next day, IAALS partnered with the Colorado State Court Administrator's Office to present a judges-only training in e-discovery, from preservation and collection to discovery motions and cooperation.

IAALS is already planning next year's Summits.

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