Justice in a Changing World: Read the 2021 IAALS Annual Report

March 30, 2022

"cover of IAALS 2021 Annual Report"

Real, disruptive change is frequently discussed and predicted, but only rarely seen. Yet, we have certainly seen disruptive change over the past two years, in our country and the world at large—and in our justice system in particular. This momentum for meaningful change throughout our justice system must be maintained and effectively channeled.

IAALS is committed to ensuring that court services and processes continue to modernize, that equitable entry points and resolutions exist for all, and that justice reaches further in the years to come.

IAALS is also at the heart of efforts to broaden the ranks of legal professionals who can meet the vast unmet public need for affordable legal help, as well as efforts to ensure that the pipeline to and through the legal profession trains, licenses, and hires better and more diverse lawyers.

The challenges we face continue to upend our lives. The pandemic and its variants, hyper-partisanship and division, societal shifts and cultural awakenings—together, these have created a sea of change and a longing for normalcy. But, we must recognize that normal was never good enough. We cannot go back, so instead we must forge a better future.

That is what IAALS is committed to doing. Our work in 2021, as described in this Annual Report, has moved the needle and opened new doors for those in need of justice.

Our justice system must continue to change and continue to improve. And, with your support, IAALS is making sure it does.

Click here to read and download our 2021 Annual Report.