Justice We Can Believe In: Read the 2019 IAALS Annual Report

March 12, 2020

People look to our legal system for help in matters that affect their rights, their families, their businesses, and the most intimate aspects of their lives. But, for too long and for too many, the courthouse doors seem closed—and justice out of reach.

IAALS is changing that.

We are proud to present you with our 2019 Annual Report, which highlights our work and accomplishments toward ensuring that everyone has access to justice we can believe in.

Together, we are removing obstacles, rebuilding trust, and forging a modern and inviting justice system. We are working to nurture the system so that it grows to meet the needs of all Americans. And, through it all, we are listening to those the system is meant to serve so we can better understand how to meet their needs.

Over the years, IAALS has planted the seeds for change—which are now flourishing. When everyone is invested in cultivating a better way forward, our system will thrive. And with your help, justice we can believe in is within reach.

Click here to read and download our 2019 Annual Report.