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Minnesota Supreme Court to Consider Comments on Civil Justice Task Force Recommendations

Former Senior Director

The Minnesota Supreme Court has ordered a hearing for October 30, 2012 to consider comments submitted in response to select portions of the Minnesota Supreme Court Civil Justice Reform Task Force’s Final Report dated December 23, 2011 and its Supplemental Report dated May 22, 2012.  In the final report, the Task Force issued recommendations designed to “bring the legal community back to the court system” while also keeping down costs, providing firm trial dates, and encouraging effective and efficient judicial case management.  The Supplemental Report included proposed rule changes and draft orders, as requested by the Supreme Court.  Task Force recommendations to be considered at the October hearing include proposed reforms to discovery, such as adopting the federal automatic disclosure rules, limiting and focusing discovery, developing expedited processes for non-dispositive motions, and developing a new civil cover sheet.  The proposal to adopt a statewide complex case process will also be heard.  Proposed changes to the current “hip-pocket” commencement of actions is also on the agenda.

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