University of Denver

Right Time, Right Place (We're in the ABA Journal this Month)

Former Senior Director

Be sure to look for Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers when the ABA Journal hits your mailbox this month (or take a sneak peek here). The article about our initiative notes the good timing of our launch (is there anyone committed to the legal profession who isn't interested in legal education right now?) and highlights Professor Roberto Corrada's labor relations class at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

And by chance, it brought us back to our very first course portfolio by Professor David Thomson, who spoke here about feeling unprepared to practice as a new lawyer in a big firm in New York. That firm was Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, and one of its current partners, Stephen P. Younger, was also interviewed for the article, calling our initiative “a wonderful idea.”

“That's where I was when the partner—I think it was Mike Mukasey, who later became a judge in S.D.N.Y. and, even later, Attorney General of the United States—asked me to respond to that set of interrogatories, and it struck me that I had been insufficiently prepared by my own law school experience,” David Thomson wrote after reading the article. “I'm only sorry Mr. Younger doesn't know that story. He might be amused too.”