The following model documents should be used by court leaders to encourage and incentivize the use of unbundled legal services in their jurisdiction. Each letter or form is available for download as a PDF or Word document.

  1. Encouraging Family Law Bar to Provide Education and Training in Unbundled Legal Service (PDF / Word)

  2. Encouraging Civil Rules Committee/Ethics Committee to Develop Rules on Unbundled Legal Services (PDF / Word)

  3. Encouraging Court Leadership to Promote Unbundled Legal Services (PDF / Word)

  4. Letter from Family Court Chief Judge to Self-Represented Litigants Explaining Unbundled Legal Services and Promoting Use (PDF / Word)

  5. Encouraging Family Law Bar Association to Make Available a List of Attorneys Who Provide Unbundled Legal Services (PDF / Word)

  6. Court Provided Letter/Form to Be Sent by Bar Association to Attorneys to Join List of Lawyers Offering Unbundled Legal Services (PDF / Word)

    • Unbundled Legal Services Sign-Up (PDF / Word)