University of Denver

Judges Aren't Sexy: Engaging and Educating Voters in a Crowded World

IAALS has been working to improve and expand judicial performance evaluation programs since our founding in 2006. One of the major challenges these programs face is effectively communicating JPE results with voters. Recent public opinion research shows that many voters are not aware such information exists, that voters do not find the information useful because of the way it is conveyed, and/or that it is not the information about judges that voters want to receive.

In collaboration with a political and communications consultant, IAALS identified a range of strategies for communicating JPE results to voters, as laid out in Judges Aren’t Sexy: Engaging and Educating Voters in a Crowded World. This report offers:

  • Communications strategies and assets for social media
  • Templates for the presentation of statewide and individual judge results on JPE program websites and in other materials
  • Recommendations for coalition building and grassroots outreach to ensure that all available networks are being tapped
  • A messaging platform

Though created primarily with JPE states in mind, the tools provided in Judges Aren’t Sexy are relevant to any effort to educate voters about judges on the ballot.