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Former Alabama Chief Justice Shares Firsthand Perspective on Judicial Elections and Impartial Courts

Malia Reddick
In a recent Politico piece, the former chief justice of Alabama's supreme court offered a firsthand perspective on the relationship between electing judges and maintaining impartial courts and judges, and other judges have shared similar sentiments. In 2012, Chief Justice Cobb participated in an IAALS roundtable,...

Colorado Supreme Court Ends Effort to Allow Recall of Judges, but Similar Proposals on the Table in Other States

Malia Reddick
The Colorado Supreme Court has rejected a proposed initiative intended for the November 2014 ballot that would amend the state constitution to allow voter recall of judges. Two other proposed ballot initiatives aimed at courts and judges are still alive. Eight states currently allow voters to recall judges.

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Question Impact of Partisan Elections on Judicial Sentencing

Malia Reddick
In a recent opinion dissenting from the denial of certiorari in an Alabama death penalty case, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor questioned whether the pressures of partisan judicial elections influence judges' decisions in cases involving hot-button issues like capital punishment. Social scientists have...

Alabama Passes Legislation to Adopt Expedited Trial Procedures, Louisiana to Study Options

Brittany Kauffman
Alabama has passed legislation, SB 47 (Act 2012-492), which requires the Alabama Supreme Court to adopt expedited trial procedures for cases in circuit court where the amount in controversy does not exceed $50,000. In contrast, Louisiana also passed legislation, HCR 81, which requests the Louisiana State Law Institute...

Post-Election Selection Snapshots: An Overview of the 2012 Campaigns and Elections that Affected Courts and Judges

Malia Reddick
This special edition of Selection Snapshots provides an overview of the challenges to judicial retention, court-related ballot measures, supreme court elections, public financing of judicial campaigns, and judicial campaign oversight committees.