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California Relaxes Ethics Rules, Allowing Judges to Comment Publicly on Pending Cases

Jordan M. Singer
Professional ethics rules have long prevented judges from speaking about their rulings and opinions. However, beginning next month, California state judges will be able to comment directly on pending cases—their own or those of a judicial colleague—in connection with a judicial election or recall campaign.

Justice for All Initiative Expands Opportunities for More States to Participate

Brooke Meyer
Between 2016 and 2018, 11 states were awarded grants under the Justice for All Initiative. Now they've completed their strategic planning processes and are ready to begin the implementation phase, with common themes among plans being use of technology, strong governanance, and internal and external communications.

Alaskan Judges Now Assess Well-Being of Family Pets in Divorce Proceedings

Mark Staines
In every state across the nation, judges in family court regularly deal with challenging custody issues as families proceed through the divorce process. And, recent amendments to Alaska’s divorce laws have added another important custody consideration: pets. Effective January, 17, 2017, the revised divorce statutes...

#KnowYourJudge: States Around the Country Offer Information About Judges on November Ballot

Malia Reddick
Public opinion polls consistently show that voters know very little about judges and judicial candidates on the ballot and wish they had more information. Around the country, judicial branch entities, state bar associations, and other groups are working to change that. In the November judicial elections, voters in...