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IAALS Announces Spring Speaker Series on the Future of Legal Services

Scott Bales
Zachariah DeMeola
This spring, IAALS and the Sturm College of Law will host a three-part speaker series, bringing together perspectives from the legal profession, academia, and state supreme courts. How people access legal services not only profoundly affects justice, but also has important implications for those who study, teach, or...

2019 IAALS Rebuilding Justice Award Honors Hewlett Foundation and Foundations for Practice Partner Schools

Zachary Willis
John Montgomery
On Thursday, April 25, IAALS will present the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and our four Foundations for Practice partner schools with the 2019 Rebuilding Justice Annual Award at our 12th Annual Rebuilding Justice Award Dinner for their efforts in bringing the Foundations project to life.

A Teaching Roundtable: Building Foundations for Practice in Law School

Zachariah DeMeola
Many law school staff, administration, and faculty members have reached out to IAALS to learn more about how the foundations we have identified can improve their own programs, or to share with us how they use the foundations to inform their teaching models—and we are going to continue the conversation in an upcoming...

IAALS’ Annual Dinner Focuses on Causes of Public Dissatisfaction with the Courts

Carolyn A. Tyler
In Colorado, April 19, 2018, will forever be known as “The Conference of Chief Justices Day” thanks to an official proclamation by Governor John Hickenlooper. The proclamation was delivered at IAALS’ annual Rebuilding Justice Award Dinner by Doug Scrivner, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the University of Denver...

Conference of Chief Justices to Receive 2018 IAALS Rebuilding Justice Award

Carolyn A. Tyler
On Thursday, April 19, IAALS will present the Conference of Chief Justices with our highest honor: the Rebuilding Justice Award. We are thrilled that several Chief Justices from across the nation will attend and Ohio Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, President of the Conference of Chief Justices and chair of the...

Convening Highlights the Role of Judges and Lawyers in Improving Motions Practice

Brittany Kauffman
While a significant focus of civil justice reform has been on the cost and delay of discovery, IAALS has heard the call for reform in the area of motions practice as well, which can similarly result in great cost and delay to the parties. In response, IAALS hosted a convening earlier this month at the Penrose House in...

IAALS Honors El Pomar Foundation for Supporting Stakeholder Convenings

Zachary Willis
During a recent gala in Denver, IAALS presented El Pomar Foundation, William J. Hybl, and Kyle H. Hybl with our highest honor, the Rebuilding Justice Award. El Pomar Foundation and the Hybls were recognized for their generous support of our DIAALOGUES series of convenings, which have helped expand our impact and the...

IAALS Convening Reaches Consensus for Reforming Judicial Recusal Procedures

Guest Post
Matthew Menendez
On November 3-4, 2016, IAALS convened a blue ribbon group of judges, scholars, and attorneys from across the country to discuss best practices for procedural rules for judicial recusal. The group discussed the need for procedures that are fair to both judges and litigants, that provide transparency without sacrificing...