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Indiana Family Law Taskforce Will Consider IAALS-Supported Recommendations

Maddie Hosack
In late September, the Indiana Supreme Court announced the creation of the Indiana Innovation Initiative. One of the initiative’s two subgroups, the Family Law Taskforce, will consider the Family Justice Initiative Principles supported by IAALS in order to improve the way Indiana’s courts handle domestic relations...

#KnowYourJudge: States Around the Country Offer Information About Judges on November Ballot

Malia Reddick
Public opinion polls consistently show that voters know very little about judges and judicial candidates on the ballot and wish they had more information. Around the country, judicial branch entities, state bar associations, and other groups are working to change that. In the November judicial elections, voters in...

High Numbers of Self-Represented Litigants Left Underserved by Family Courts

Natalie Anne Knowlton
It comes as no surprise to those who work in or with the courts that many litigants these days proceed through the civil and family court system without an attorney. The figures collected and released in Indiana’s recent State of the Judiciary show that over half of all civil and family law litigants in 2013 were self...

Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program Approves Model Discovery Plan and Case Management Order

Brittany Kauffman
The Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program Committee, which for many years has been at the forefront of efforts to reduce the cost and burden of electronic discovery consistent with the goals of Rule 1, now provides another important resource for practitioners and judges everywhere. The Committee, which is...

Post-Election Selection Snapshots: An Overview of the 2012 Campaigns and Elections that Affected Courts and Judges

Malia Reddick
This special edition of Selection Snapshots provides an overview of the challenges to judicial retention, court-related ballot measures, supreme court elections, public financing of judicial campaigns, and judicial campaign oversight committees.