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Montana Legislature Directs Review of Family Law and Domestic Relations Matters

Katherine Kirk
At the direction of the Montana Legislature, the Montana Law and Justice Interim Committee met last month with the objective of finding ways to improve the Montana family court and domestic relations proceedings. To facilitate their analysis, the committee plans to examine three issues in particular: the current cost...

Controversial Radio Advertisement Attacks Montana Supreme Court Candidate

Malia Reddick
A pro-business group known as the Montana Growth Network funded a radio ad attacking a supreme court candidate’s position on the death penalty. The candidate asked his opponent to denounce the ad, as the code of judicial conduct recommends when third parties make false statements about candidates, but she responded...

Reaction to Ninth Circuit's Ruling on Montana Political Endorsement Ban

Cindy Pham
In Sanders County Republican Committee v. Bullock , the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a Montana law that restricted political parties from endorsing or contributing to judicial campaigns. The Atlantic reports their disfavor with the Ninth Circuit’s decision, maintaining the statute acted to “protect...

Montana: Judge indicates state campaign law on judicial races may fall (Updated)

Alli Gerkman
The state Republican Party moved for a preliminary injunction against enforcing a law barring political parties from endorsing, contributing to, or making expenditures on behalf of nonpartisan judicial candidates. Lawyers for the state argued that the law promotes “a compelling interest in making sure its elected...