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Selection Snapshots

Selection Reform Proposals Trend toward Enhancing Gubernatorial Authority

Malia Reddick
There are several anticipated efforts in 2014 to alter processes for selecting state court judges, particularly in states with commission-based gubernatorial appointment of appellate judges. In Kansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, as in Arizona and Florida in recent years, legislative proposals are aimed at directly or...

After a Judge Invalidates Its Composition, Tennessee JPE Commission Releases 2014 Evaluations

Malia Reddick
A Tennessee trial court judge has ruled that the composition of the state's judicial performance evaluation commission violates the state constitution. Despite invalidating the commission's composition, the judge did not enjoin its operation, and, three days after the ruling, the commission released its final...

Bipartisan Merit Selection Effort Officially Launched in Pennsylvania

Malia Reddick
Republican and Democratic lawmakers have introduced a bill calling for a move to merit selection for judges of Pennsylvania's appellate courts. The proposed constitutional amendment would replace partisan elections with a commission-based gubernatorial appointment and senate confirmation process. And, the time may be...

Judicial Candidates on the Ballot in One State, Retirement Age for Judges in Another

Malia Reddick
Pennsylvania is one of at least four states that holds judicial elections in off-years. This November, two candidates competed for a seat on the superior court (an intermediate appellate court) and four appellate judges, including two supreme court justices, stood for retention. Additionally, in New York, voters...

Governor Scott Actively Exercises Prerogative to Shape Florida's Nominating Commissions

Malia Reddick
Florida has a commission-based judicial appointment process wherein the governor appoints all members of the nominating commissions, with some of the governor's appointees come from candidate lists submitted by the Florida Bar. According to a new report, Governor Rick Scott often rejects the bar lists and requests...

New Analysis Finds Correlation Between Contributions and Decisions in Wisconsin

Malia Reddick
According to a new analysis, justices on Wisconsin's high court tend to favor parties whose attorneys contributed to their election campaigns. With respect to campaign donations made prior to rulings, justices included in the study ruled in favor of donors 59 percent at the time. This does not establish that campaign...