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Ninth Circuit Rejects Campaign Restrictions for Judicial Candidates in Arizona

Malia Reddick
Late last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit struck down a handful of provisions in Arizona's code of judicial conduct as they apply to the campaign behavior of judicial candidates. According to the court, "[t]o the extent states wish to avoid a politicized judiciary, they can choose to do so by not...

Conservative Legislative Leader in Tennessee Spearheads Retention Challenge

Malia Reddick
Speaker of the Senate and Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey, a Republican, is leading the charge against three supreme court justices standing for retention in August. (All appellate judges in Tennessee stand for retention at the same time every eight years, but two justices on the five-member court are retiring this...

Rhode Island's Judicial Nominating Commission Considers Changes to Its Procedures

Malia Reddick
Rhode Island's judicial nominating commission met recently to discuss potential improvements to the commission's work. Much of the discussion focused on the transparency of the process. The governor has allotted $7,500 to hire an expert to advise the commission on its procedures, with any proposed changes subject to a...