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Unlocking Legal Regulation

ABA President-Elect Patricia Refo Outlines Questions Surrounding Re-Regulation

Maddie Hosack
On February 26, IAALS and the University of Denver Sturm College of Law had the privilege of hosting Patricia Refo, President-elect of the American Bar Association, for a talk and Q&A regarding the re-regulation of legal services. Refo gave an engaging talk that explored how re-regulation could address the access...

Conference of Chief Justices Issues Resolution Urging Regulatory Innovation

Zachariah DeMeola
Efforts to re-regulate and innovate legal services took a major step forward last week at the Conference of Chief Justices’ midyear meeting, where members adopted Resolution 2. With the adoption of this resolution, CCJ adds its voice to the chorus calling for solutions to close the justice gap and rethinking the...

A Sign of the Times: ABA Resolution Supporting Regulatory Innovation Among States

Zachariah DeMeola
Natalie Anne Knowlton
Next week, the American Bar Association kicks off its 2020 Midyear Meeting, and the ABA Center for Innovation has submitted Resolution 115 for passage by the ABA House of Delegates. Resolution 115 would encourage jurisdictions to consider innovative approaches to increase low- and middle-income Americans’ access to...

IAALS Announces Spring Speaker Series on the Future of Legal Services

Scott Bales
Zachariah DeMeola
This spring, IAALS and the Sturm College of Law will host a three-part speaker series, bringing together perspectives from the legal profession, academia, and state supreme courts. How people access legal services not only profoundly affects justice, but also has important implications for those who study, teach, or...

Reregulation, Not Deregulation

Andrew Arruda
The legal system has been regulated so tightly that it has led to a world where only a fraction of the citizens who require legal services can access them, and we cannot afford to fail those who cannot afford legal representation. Unlocking legal regulation is the answer and stands at the heart of the worthy efforts...