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New Analysis Finds Correlation Between Contributions and Decisions in Wisconsin

Malia Reddick
According to a new analysis, justices on Wisconsin's high court tend to favor parties whose attorneys contributed to their election campaigns. With respect to campaign donations made prior to rulings, justices included in the study ruled in favor of donors 59 percent at the time. This does not establish that campaign...

Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program Approves Model Discovery Plan and Case Management Order

Brittany Kauffman
The Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program Committee, which for many years has been at the forefront of efforts to reduce the cost and burden of electronic discovery consistent with the goals of Rule 1, now provides another important resource for practitioners and judges everywhere. The Committee, which is...

Varying Approaches to Transparency in Appointing State and Federal Judges

Malia Reddick
Last week, controversy arose in Kansas over Governor Brownback's announcement that he would not release the names of applicants for a court of appeals vacancy. The governor initially rejected a petition requesting that applicants' names be released, but he may be reconsidering that decision. Meanwhile, screening...

Wisconsin Bar Committee Proposes Single, Nonrenewable Term for Justices

Malia Reddick
Following an 18-month study, a Wisconsin state bar task force proposed that supreme court justices serve a single 16-year term. Justices currently serve 10-year terms and may stand for reelection. Though term limits would not stem the tide of candidate and special interest spending in the state's judicial elections,...