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IAALS Study Reveals the Building Blocks of Minimum Competence, Recommends Changes to Bar Exam and Lawyer Licensing

Logan Cornett
In a groundbreaking report, IAALS, in partnership with Professor Deborah Merritt at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, has defined the minimum competence that new lawyers need to be qualified to practice law—and provides recommendations for how legal licensing processes like the bar exam must change to...

Expert Opinion: The Legal Profession's Leaky Pipeline Is Leaving Black Americans Behind

Zachariah DeMeola
The legal profession is fraught with systemic barriers to entry that form ripple effects on the road to becoming a lawyer. The pathway is much like narrow pipeline—entry is limited and every segment is springing leaks, disproportionately affecting people of color along the way—creating a profession that is among the...

Bar Examiners Task Force Releases Phase 2 Report on National Practice Analysis

Logan Cornett
In 2018, the NCBE created its Testing Task Force to conduct a three-year project that, in part, examines whether the bar exam is a valid measure of minimum competence to practice law. Last month, NCBE released a report detailing the findings of Phase 2, a national practice analysis, which will provide a foundation of...

ABA Resolution Urges States to Authorize Legal Practice by Law School Graduates Despite Bar Exam Cancellations

Logan Cornett
On April 7, the ABA Board of Governors approved a resolution urging state licensing authorities to immediately adopt emergency rules that would authorize recent law school graduates to practice law without passing a bar exam, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Building a Better Bar Project Nears End of New Lawyer Focus Groups, Begins Qualitative Analysis

Logan Cornett
Since the launch of our Building a Better Bar project last July, IAALS has made significant headway in empirically defining the minimum competence law school students need to move on to successful practice. As of mid-February, we've held nearly 40 focus group sessions; we will wrap up all focus groups in March, and...