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2021 Justice Index Puts Spotlight on States Who Pass and Fail Justice Metrics

Maddie Hosack
In May, the National Center for Access to Justice published the latest iteration of the Justice Index, a national survey of state civil justice policies. Based on an examination of policies across four civil justice areas—attorney access, support for self-represented litigants, language access, and disability access—...

Leaders Call for the Expansion of Legal Services by Unlocking Legal Regulation

Zachariah DeMeola
Studies show that up to 80 percent of Americans’ civil legal needs go unmet—and that will likely grow due to the pandemic. Change cannot wait any longer. It is time for us to reimagine the ways in which legal services in our country are delivered, and leaders across the profession are calling for immediate action.

California Closing the Justice Gap Working Group Should Include More Consumer and Public Voices

Natalie Anne Knowlton
The California Board of Trustees is meeting today to consider the charter and composition of the Closing the Justice Gap Working Group. We at IAALS applaud the board for creating the working group and committing to move forward with important and innovative legal services solutions, but we strongly encourage them to...

California Relaxes Ethics Rules, Allowing Judges to Comment Publicly on Pending Cases

Jordan M. Singer
Professional ethics rules have long prevented judges from speaking about their rulings and opinions. However, beginning next month, California state judges will be able to comment directly on pending cases—their own or those of a judicial colleague—in connection with a judicial election or recall campaign.

IAALS' Zack DeMeola Talks Foundations for Practice and the Future of Law on Law 2030 Podcast

Maddie Hosack
In February, IAALS Manager Zack DeMeola joined the Law 2030 podcast of the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s Future of the Profession Initiative to talk about learning outcomes in law schools, predictions for the legal profession’s future, and how it all ties together with IAALS’ landmark Foundations for...

Rule Makers vs. Risk Takers

William D. Henderson
Imagine a legal sector neatly divided into two groups: the Rule Makers and the Risk Takers. With evidence piling up that the legal market is not working for ordinary citizens, the Rule Makers come together to evaluate possible changes. After the new rules are enacted, the burden shifts to the Risk Takers to build out...