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ETL Ignite: Inclusive Strategic Planning and Faculty Adoption of Learning Outcomes

Guest Post
Mary A. Lynch
Rosemary Queenan
On October 1, we came from Albany Law School to present on “How an Inclusive Strategic Planning Process Leads to Faculty Adoption of Institutional Student Learning Outcomes” at the 4th Annual Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Conference in Denver, Colorado. Albany Law’s process of developing learning outcomes began years...

Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing: How Special Interests Stepped Up Their Game in the 2013-2014 Judicial Elections

Guest Post
Scott Greytak
When spending in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court election surged to more than $16.5 million this month, it set a new record in U.S. history. Special interests opened their checkbooks to fund malicious ads accusing candidates of issuing “lenient sentences” and of “fail[ing] to protect a child.” TV advertising pitted...

Williams-Yulee v. Florida Bar: Is Justice for Sale on the Campaign Trail?

Meryl Justin Chertoff
Last Tuesday’s Supreme Court argument was the latest chapter in the Court’s struggle to balance electoral candidates’ right to solicit campaign donations against the appearance or actual threat of corruption that arises when litigants or attorneys donate to a judge’s election campaign and later appear before that same...

Creation of Nevada Appeals Court Finally Approved in 2014: The Road So Far

Maureen E. Schafer
In a historic 53.78%–46.22% decision, which is already beginning to transform the state's judiciary in significant ways, Nevada voters elected to create an Intermediate Court of Appeals during the November 2014 election cycle. Nevada has demonstrated that, with right mindedness and well-placed determination on behalf...

One Year and 80 Families Later: Celebrating the Success of a New Model for Separation and Divorce

Melinda Taylor
One year ago, the Resource Center for Separating and Divorcing Families opened its doors at the University of Denver to serve families in metro area. Based on an interdisciplinary out-of-court model developed by the Honoring Families Initiative , the RCSDF is operating at full-force today, helping numerous parents...

The Resource Center Interdisciplinary Team: A Dual JD/MSW Student Perspective

Deanna Barton
The Resource Center for Separating and Divorcing Families provides an amazing opportunity for graduate students to gain real world experience not only working with clients but working with other professionals. As a dual JD and MSW student, the Resource Center seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime, and was more...

The Resource Center Interdisciplinary Team: A Psy.D. Student Perspective

Chelsea Towler
As an interdisciplinary team, the students at the Resource Center provide services to families going through separation and divorce that they cannot get anywhere else. The comprehensive suite of services provided wouldn’t be possible for any one of us to offer singlehandedly. However, when we put our heads together,...

Professional Perspectives on the Resource Center and its Preliminary Impact for Families

Melinda Taylor
Recently, Natalie Knowlton and I provided an update to the Colorado legal community on the Resource Center for Separating and Divorcing Families at the University of Denver—a model with national implications. The Resource Center was developed by the Honoring Families Initiative as an out-of-court alternative for...