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ABA Resolution Urges States to Authorize Legal Practice by Law School Graduates Despite Bar Exam Cancellations

Logan Cornett
On April 7, the ABA Board of Governors approved a resolution urging state licensing authorities to immediately adopt emergency rules that would authorize recent law school graduates to practice law without passing a bar exam, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tennessee Approves Forms for Uncontested Divorce Cases with Children

Natalie Anne Knowlton
The Tennessee Supreme Court recently adopted statewide forms for parties in uncontested divorce cases with minor children. The plain-language forms and instructions will go into effect statewide January 1, 2017, and are available to spouses who: have minor children together; do not own real property; do not have any...

Attention in Tennessee—and Around the Country—Turns to Court-Related Ballot Measures

Malia Reddick
On August 7, three Tennessee Supreme Court justices withstood a well-funded challenge to their retention on the bench for subsequent terms. Tennesseans are now looking ahead to November 4, when voters will decide whether to adopt a modified federal selection process for the state's appellate judges. Voters in four...

Conservative Legislative Leader in Tennessee Spearheads Retention Challenge

Malia Reddick
Speaker of the Senate and Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey, a Republican, is leading the charge against three supreme court justices standing for retention in August. (All appellate judges in Tennessee stand for retention at the same time every eight years, but two justices on the five-member court are retiring this...