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State Justices Stress Need for Courts to Lead the Way on Regulatory Reform

Maddie Hosack
This month, IAALS and its partners kicked off the Redesigning Legal Speaker Series with a panel exploring how judicial leadership can play a critical role in expanding access to legal services and access to justice. The panelists discussed the status of regulatory innovation, how courts and others are seeking to...

Texas Judicial Selection Commission Votes Against Partisan Judicial Elections, Recommends Further Research

Brooke Meyer
In December 2020, the Texas Commission on Judicial Selection submitted its report on the fairness, effectiveness, and desirability of partisan elections for judicial selection in Texas. Although the commission recommended against the current partisan elections method, the members did not agree on an alternative method...

Louisiana and Texas Implement Tools to Streamline Litigation and Hasten Recovery from Hurricanes

Brooke Meyer
Maddie Hosack
In the past few months, there have been encouraging updates in several states aimed at more effectively addressing the legal needs of disaster survivors. Two states—Louisiana and Texas—implemented various tools to help streamline litigation arising from these disasters.

2020 Judicial Elections Bring Less Tumult, But Still a Few Surprises

Jordan M. Singer
On the whole, 2020 was a quiet time for state judicial elections, at least in comparison to recent years. Fewer sitting judges were directly targeted for removal, and most of the efforts to oust judges failed at the ballot box. But even quiet years have standout moments, and the recent election cycle brought several...

New Report Highlighting States' Civil Justice Reform Efforts Provides Guidance for Change Management

Kelsey Montague
IAALS and the NCSC have finalized a three-year project with the release of their new report highlighting the experiences of four states—Idaho, Maine, Missouri, and Texas—as they worked to implement change in their courts. The recommendations can provide critical support to courts facing unprecedented need for change...