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New Report Highlighting States' Civil Justice Reform Efforts Provides Guidance for Change Management

Kelsey Montague
IAALS and the NCSC have finalized a three-year project with the release of their new report highlighting the experiences of four states—Idaho, Maine, Missouri, and Texas—as they worked to implement change in their courts. The recommendations can provide critical support to courts facing unprecedented need for change...

Legal Communities Prepare for and Recover from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Heather Buchanan
The U.S. legal system is already hard to navigate and understand, but even more so in the aftermath of a natural disaster. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and in preparation for Hurricane Irma, the legal community is coming together in different ways to make legal aid more accessible to people in affected areas. For...

State Legislatures Considering Range of Measures to Limit Judicial Independence

Malia Reddick
As reported by the Washington Post , the President is not the only one who has taken on the courts recently: it is also happening in state legislatures around the country. This comes as no surprise to state court watchers; in fact, legislation targeting state courts for unpopular decisions is now commonplace. (Our...

Tort Reform Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows in Texas Judicial Elections

Malia Reddick
Texas' Republican primary elections on March 4 have brought together an unusual combination of candidates and campaign contributors, at least with respect to the state's highest court. The incumbent Republican justices have received support from a typical source—advocates of tort reform and limitations on civil...