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US Justice Needs

US Justice Needs Project Benefits From Collaboration with Our Partners

Brittany Kauffman
Last week, IAALS and our project partner HiiL cohosted a series of virtual Justice Data Lab meetings with our US Justice Needs Advisory Committee and a few additional partners. In August launched the individual survey of legal problems, receiving responses from 10,000 individuals from across the United States, and we...

Survey Launches in Largest-Ever National Study to Assess Justice Needs of Americans

Kelsey Montague
IAALS and HiiL recently launched the largest-ever survey of its kind as part of their US Justice Needs project. This survey will reach people across all regions of the United States, including urban and rural areas and people who have not historically been included, and seek to uncover their experiences in accessing...

National Study of the Needs for Justice in the U.S. and New Question Around COVID-19

Martin Gramatikov
Rodrigo Nunez
The United States of America leads the world in many areas of democracy, technology, economy, and culture, but what holds back American citizens from accessing justice when they need it? In times of extreme uncertainty, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, this is a critical question.

US Justice Needs Project Will Tap into Legal Needs for Business as Well as Individuals

Brittany Kauffman
Small and mid-size business owners struggle with access to justice issues just as individuals do, with real ramifications for their businesses and their communities. Through the US Justice Needs project, IAALS will be surveying businesses, from small to large, so that we can better understand justice needs from their...

First National Study of its Kind to Assess Justice Needs Across the U.S.

Kelsey Montague
Zachary Willis
In the first-ever, broad-based research of its kind, IAALS is partnering with HiiL to assess the justice needs of people and businesses in the United States. The issue of access to justice is broader and deeper in our society than has historically been recognized. What we learn will provide the insight we need to...