2023 Impact Recap and the Path to Transformative Change

January 8, 2024

"group of smiling people standing on steps"As we jump into 2024, IAALS is profoundly grateful for the unwavering dedication and support of our partners and colleagues. We’re inspired by the remarkable people working alongside us to create transformative change in our civil justice system. Last year brought significant advancements on various fronts of justice—and IAALS is proud to have played a pivotal role. 

In just one example, we released our recommendations for establishing a new tier of legal professionals who can provide high-quality but affordable legal help, which will lead to increasing access to justice for those who cannot afford a lawyer. We are seeing momentum increasing for these programs nationwide, building on IAALS’ foundational work that has enabled change. Additionally, collaborations with several states have brought positive changes in the way lawyers are licensed and have resulted in more equitable alternatives to the bar exam. Our publications in 2023 reflect the breadth of our work across the system, as well as our collaboration with partners and individuals to drive system change:

Our impact reverberated in national publications. Our experts were sought for comment and insight across our areas of work, covering legal licensure in the Washington Post, addressing the justice gap in the Wall Street Journal, and public trust and confidence in the judiciary in the Washington Post. Our research on self-represented litigants was featured in Forbes, and our expertise on judicial selection, retention, and performance evaluation was sought on numerous occasions by local publications, including the Denver Gazette and the Colorado Sun

Our Board of Advisors has been strengthened by the addition of six distinguished individuals, each contributing diverse perspectives and expertise that will guide and shape our future endeavors. In tandem, IAALS has hosted dozens of meetings, gatherings, and convenings, attracting thought leaders and stakeholders from diverse sectors and industries to bring broad perspective to our work. Together, we have built innovative solutions to address the most pressing challenges facing our justice system and the people who need it.

The thought leadership of IAALS’ experts have been particularly impactful this year, seen not only through our national speaking engagements and published reports but also in our recurring Expert Opinions series covering timely topics in the realm of civil justice reform. 

As we look back on 2023 and forward into this new year, IAALS remains steadfast in our dedication to transformative change, guided by the diverse perspectives and expertise that shape our vision for a justice system that truly serves all people.