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Pandemic Positives Speaker Series

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, courts and legal service providers were forced to make a decision: close up shop and wait for in-person services to resume, or quickly transform their in-person services to a virtual platform.

Last October, IAALS published Pandemic Positives: Extending the Reach of Court and Legal Service Providers, a report highlighting the innovative ways that a number of court and legal service providers quickly developed new processes for providing both in-person and virtual services, ensuring access to information and assistance to those who cannot afford an attorney. With the pandemic still ongoing, and in an effort to share lessons learned across jurisdictions, IAALS is hosting a four-part speaker series to bring together these innovators with other attendees to learn about best practices. Presenters will share how they successfully implemented virtual services, including balancing virtual services with in-person needs, creating effective partnerships, and keeping the public up to date on relevant changes.

Event details are below. Please check back soon for details about the two additional sessions, which will take place in March.

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