University of Denver

Court Compass: Mapping the Future of User Access through Technology

Founding Executive Director
Project Consultant, Court Compass

Our studies show that the court system does an insufficient job helping people navigate their way through the system to resolution. People feel frustrated, lost, disempowered, and disillusioned by our legal system, especially self-represented litigants (SRLs).

In an effort to address this issue, IAALS convened a group of stakeholders from around the country to brainstorm solutions and discuss possible next steps. Out of that meeting came the Court Compass project and a commitment to continuing to be a constructive catalyst for changes designed to benefit SRLs.

This report represents one piece of fulfilling that intent. Through our efforts, we are intending to create a shared base of information that will allow us to move toward solutions that will ultimately change the way people experience and interact with the legal system.

Additionally, based on research completed in January 2017, IAALS compiled a database/inventory of technology offerings in production or development in courts around the country.