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Redesigning Divorce

User-Driven Design for a Better Process
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Through our Court Compass project, IAALS has been rethinking legal processes by listening to and engaging the people who actually use the system. In four states across the country, we brought self-represented litigants and other legal system stakeholders together to develop potential solutions in the divorce and separation process. This report details our findings from these interactive design sprint workshops, where we led participants in identifying problems people face in navigating the legal process, brainstorming potential solutions to those problems, and creating prototypes for those solutions.

Through these workshops, we gained a deeper understanding of the problems and issues that self-represented litigants experience in the family court process—and how to contemplate solutions that take their perspectives into account.

See also our practical “how to” guide for developing user-centered reforms through interactive design sprints: Listen > Learn > Lead: A Guide to Improving Court Services through User-Centered Design.