University of Denver


Rule Makers vs. Risk Takers

William D. Henderson
Imagine a legal sector neatly divided into two groups: the Rule Makers and the Risk Takers. With evidence piling up that the legal market is not working for ordinary citizens, the Rule Makers come together to evaluate possible changes. After the new rules are enacted, the burden shifts to the Risk Takers to build out...

Conference of Chief Justices Issues Resolution Urging Regulatory Innovation

Zachariah DeMeola
Efforts to re-regulate and innovate legal services took a major step forward last week at the Conference of Chief Justices’ midyear meeting, where members adopted Resolution 2. With the adoption of this resolution, CCJ adds its voice to the chorus calling for solutions to close the justice gap and rethinking the...

A Sign of the Times: ABA Resolution Supporting Regulatory Innovation Among States

Zachariah DeMeola
Natalie Anne Knowlton
Next week, the American Bar Association kicks off its 2020 Midyear Meeting, and the ABA Center for Innovation has submitted Resolution 115 for passage by the ABA House of Delegates. Resolution 115 would encourage jurisdictions to consider innovative approaches to increase low- and middle-income Americans’ access to...

Online Dispute Resolution and Intelligent Dispute Resolution: Two Emerging Opportunities for Families

Michael Houlberg
Online dispute resolution is emerging in courts around the country. Last month, Arizona’s Administrative Office of the Courts announced the launch of an ODR pilot program in the family courts of Pinal County, and there are also startups providing similar services through intelligent dispute resolution.

Evaluation Finds Arizona Commercial Court Has Adapted to Meet the Needs of its Users

Brooke Meyer
In December 2018, NCSC issued its Final Report for the Arizona Superior Court’s three-year Commercial Court Pilot Program, which provides a formal analysis of the impact of the Commercial Court in cases not involving emergency relief, and offers additional recommendations to help streamline the now permanent...