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Online Dispute Resolution and Intelligent Dispute Resolution: Two Emerging Opportunities for Families

Michael Houlberg
Online dispute resolution is emerging in courts around the country. Last month, Arizona’s Administrative Office of the Courts announced the launch of an ODR pilot program in the family courts of Pinal County, and there are also startups providing similar services through intelligent dispute resolution.

Evaluation Finds Arizona Commercial Court Has Adapted to Meet the Needs of its Users

Brooke Meyer
In December 2018, NCSC issued its Final Report for the Arizona Superior Court’s three-year Commercial Court Pilot Program, which provides a formal analysis of the impact of the Commercial Court in cases not involving emergency relief, and offers additional recommendations to help streamline the now permanent...

State Legislatures Considering Range of Measures to Limit Judicial Independence

Malia Reddick
As reported by the Washington Post , the President is not the only one who has taken on the courts recently: it is also happening in state legislatures around the country. This comes as no surprise to state court watchers; in fact, legislation targeting state courts for unpopular decisions is now commonplace. (Our...