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Guest Posts

Reregulation, Not Deregulation

Andrew Arruda
The legal system has been regulated so tightly that it has led to a world where only a fraction of the citizens who require legal services can access them, and we cannot afford to fail those who cannot afford legal representation. Unlocking legal regulation is the answer and stands at the heart of the worthy efforts...

After Long Hiatus, Las Vegas Review-Journal Plans to Bring Back Evaluations of Nevada Judges

Jordan M. Singer
Nevada, which directly elects nearly all of its state judges, has never implemented an official judicial performance evaluation program. Instead, between 1992 and 2013, the state’s largest newspaper conducted its own surveys of attorneys in Clark County regarding judges seeking reelection until their survey...

Investigation of California Commission on Judicial Performance Both Hits and Misses the Mark

Russell Wheeler
In April 2019, the California State Auditor filed her report on an investigation into the Commission on Judicial Performance, the state's judicial conduct body. There is growing interest nationally in judicial misconduct and the entities in each state (and federally) that investigate complaints, and in 2018, IAALS...

Professional Judgment Key for Students, Lawyers—and Improvements to Dispositive Motions Practice

Linda Simard
The best lawyers are not the ones that leave “no stone unturned” but rather they are the ones who know which stones are critical to the outcome of the dispute. This type of professional judgment lies at the core of every successful litigator, and this message is reinforced loud and clear in IAALS’ Recommendations for...