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Americans Know What They Want in Their State Judges. Can They Agree How to Achieve It?

Jordan M. Singer
In a recent national survey asking about the importance of 12 characteristics of judges, survey respondents indicated that the public prizes a judge's professional qualities above all others, including political qualities—preferences that have obvious relevance for methods of judicial selection.

Federal Pro Se Clinic in Colorado Helps the Public Navigate Our Federal Courts

Kristen L. Mix
Since 2018, the Colorado Bar Association Federal Pro Se Clinic has been helping people navigate the overwhelming process of filing and pursuing a lawsuit in federal court without a lawyer. Use of the clinic has increased substantially in the time it has been in operation, and all signs point to increasing demand for...

2020 Judicial Elections Bring Less Tumult, But Still a Few Surprises

Jordan M. Singer
On the whole, 2020 was a quiet time for state judicial elections, at least in comparison to recent years. Fewer sitting judges were directly targeted for removal, and most of the efforts to oust judges failed at the ballot box. But even quiet years have standout moments, and the recent election cycle brought several...

Unprecedented Situations, Innovative Solutions: The Rhode Island Superior Court’s Plan to Save Businesses

Brian P. Stern
Mary Poirier
In response to the aftermath caused by COVID-19 to businesses throughout the state of Rhode Island, the state’s Superior Court implemented a Business Recovery Plan with the goal of preserving businesses as they climb through recovery and stabilize their operations and accounts.