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Guest Posts

California Relaxes Ethics Rules, Allowing Judges to Comment Publicly on Pending Cases

Jordan M. Singer
Professional ethics rules have long prevented judges from speaking about their rulings and opinions. However, beginning next month, California state judges will be able to comment directly on pending cases—their own or those of a judicial colleague—in connection with a judicial election or recall campaign.

Law School Clinics Still Serving the Public and Training Students during COVID-19 Pandemic

Dona Playton
The COVID-19 pandemic poses unique challenges to lawyers and law students alike. For many students enrolled in live-client clinics, the challenges of meeting their clients' needs in a transitional environment are particularly demanding. Yet these law students in clinical programs have a unique opportunity to rise to...

National Study of the Needs for Justice in the U.S. and New Question Around COVID-19

Martin Gramatikov
Rodrigo Nunez
The United States of America leads the world in many areas of democracy, technology, economy, and culture, but what holds back American citizens from accessing justice when they need it? In times of extreme uncertainty, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, this is a critical question.

Rule Makers vs. Risk Takers

William D. Henderson
Imagine a legal sector neatly divided into two groups: the Rule Makers and the Risk Takers. With evidence piling up that the legal market is not working for ordinary citizens, the Rule Makers come together to evaluate possible changes. After the new rules are enacted, the burden shifts to the Risk Takers to build out...