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On Campus, In the Community: IAALS Model Proves There is a Better Way to Divorce

Logan Cornett
We are pleased to announce the results of our evaluation of the Resource Center for Separating and Divorcing Families (RCSDF)—the first manifestation of the IAALS Honoring Families Initiative ’s out-of-court model for separation and divorce . This non-adversarial model is designed to guide families through the process...

Family Law Attorneys Leading the Charge for Child-Focused Legal Reforms

Carolyn A. Tyler
Zachary Willis
Today, IAALS released a new report that finds family law attorneys, as stewards of the justice system, are uniquely positioned to best drive much needed change within the system. The Family Law Bar: Stewards of the System, Leaders of Change provides a blueprint for attorneys to help lead change in the system for their...

Latest IAALS Reports Give Voice to Growing Numbers of Self-Represented Litigants

Carolyn A. Tyler
Zachary Willis
Today, IAALS unveiled two new reports—one of which captures the experiences of litigants navigating U.S. family courts without attorneys, and the other makes recommendations for courts and others to help better serve these litigants. There is broad consensus that, in some courts, upwards of 80–90% of family cases...

Judges Aren't Sexy: New IAALS Toolkit Helps States Educate Voters about Judges

Carolyn A. Tyler
In time for the election season, IAALS today announced a new toolkit designed to educate voters about the performance record of judges up for retention. Judges Aren’t Sexy: Engaging and Educating Voters in a Crowded World is available immediately for states to use in their voter education efforts. In many states,...

Unbundling Legal Services: New Resources for Families, Professionals, Lawyers, and Courts

Zachary Willis
The number of people representing themselves in court is on the rise, especially in family court. Some people feel they can handle the legal process on their own, or don't trust a lawyer to make things better. And for many, the cost of hiring a lawyer can simply be prohibitive. In response to these changing realities...

The Top 10 Legal Culture Shifts Needed to Create the Courts of Tomorrow

Rebecca Love Kourlis
For the last ten years, IAALS—the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System—has worked to rebuild the civil justice system. After much work, and through collaboration with some of the very best minds in the country, we are finally reaching a critical goalpost in that mission. Significant federal rule...