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New Mexico

2020 Judicial Elections Bring Less Tumult, But Still a Few Surprises

Jordan M. Singer
On the whole, 2020 was a quiet time for state judicial elections, at least in comparison to recent years. Fewer sitting judges were directly targeted for removal, and most of the efforts to oust judges failed at the ballot box. But even quiet years have standout moments, and the recent election cycle brought several...

Paula Littlewood, IAALS Board Member and Legal Rebel, Urges Profession to Break Out of Echo Chamber

Maddie Hosack
Earlier this year, Paula Littlewood was a guest on ABA Journal’s Legal Rebels podcast where she spoke about how she came to be an advocate for re-regulation, the need for lawyers to engage the public when it comes to regulatory changes, and Washington’s pioneering limited legal license technician program.

Justice for All Initiative Expands Opportunities for More States to Participate

Brooke Meyer
Between 2016 and 2018, 11 states were awarded grants under the Justice for All Initiative. Now they've completed their strategic planning processes and are ready to begin the implementation phase, with common themes among plans being use of technology, strong governanance, and internal and external communications.

Budget Cuts Continue to Threaten State Judicial Systems Across the Nation

Mark Staines
New Mexico Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Daniels had grim news for state legislators at his annual State of the Judiciary speech last month: the state’s judicial system may no longer be able to provide New Mexicans with adequate access to their Constitutional rights due to a crippling financial crisis. Chief...

New Mexico Judge Extols State’s Judicial Performance Evaluation Process

Zachary Willis
Hunter Metcalf
In a recent opinion piece , Judge Daniel E. Ramczyk emphasizes the importance and benefits of New Mexico’s judicial selection and retention process, and in particular the role that the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission (JPEC) plays in providing valuable feedback to judges as well as to the citizens who vote...